Enge For Instagram

Multi Instagram accounts notifications

Connect, switch and get notifications from multiple Instagram accounts without a need to log in and log out.

Multiple Instagram accounts notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how Enge works.

Your IG Passwords

We don't store any Instagram passwords. You can learn more about security in our Privacy policy section.

Switching accounts

We switch your Instagram accounts by changing your Instagram cookies saved in your browser. These cookies will only work in your browser.

How to switch IG account

Click on any link in the notification from a given account and we will open a new Instagram tab. You will be automatically switched to this account.

Accounts limit

There is no limit of connected Instagram accounts.

Actions limit

We do not recommend overusing this app to perform tons of likes, comments, follows and unfollows. You will get temporarily blocked.

How to connect a new Instagram account

It's super simple. Click on the Add account button, login to your Instagram, go back to Enge and click the refresh button.